10649971_308059599354679_5060310542162528269_nA Little About Moi:

I’m married to Colin, we have a little boy Rory, who is 5 years old and live on the Wirral.

Likes ~ parties, wine (sometimes with bubbles!), family, friends & skiing

Dislikes ~ rain, walking down hill(!), camping & queues

I often get asked how The Celebration Tent started so……here’s my story!

My career in general has been centred around Project Management in Primary Care Research (mainly Dental & Public Health) between the NHS and academia ~ University of Chester and Manchester University.  I loved my job, worked with some amazing people, worked hard, have many publications and an MSc in Research Methods. However, after 17 years service for the same organisation, when the chance to apply for voluntary redundancy arose due to the restructuring of the NHS and the abolishment of PCTs I decided to do just that, apply (after all my hard work!) and I was successful ~ a career break it was then!  That was December 2011.

…but in August 2011 I had my little boy ~ Rory, so my career break started with maternity leave!!!

So what to do next?  I had a rough idea in my head that ultimately became The Celebration Tent but my idea was so rough that I needed guidance and support in the development.  I contacted BlueOrchid who in turn linked me with a business advisor and enrolled me on to a Business Start Up Course.

April 2013 saw the launch of The Celebration Tent, exciting but scary times, I had no idea how things would work out or how TCT would be received…I needn’t have worried as from day one it has been amazing. To date TCT has been part of close to 200 celebrations with many many more in the ‘pipeline’…!  I have met some lovely families and beautiful children along the way.

Maybe one day I’ll go back to my ‘real’ job in research and put all my experience and knowledge back to use, but for now it’s all about The Celebration Tent!