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…that’s all folks…thank you, thank you!

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…another fantastic season complete…well almost…10632651_329428943884411_2382911659285690914_n

Today I put up my last tent of the season for a very lucky young lady for her 13th birthday ‘sleepover’ party.  She has wanted a party in The Celebration Tent (TCT) for two years and today she finally got her very own Celebration Tent ~ rather them than me, spending tonight under canvas!

Many people ask me why I ‘wrap things up’ over the winter months. The main reason being that it is too cold, damp and wet over the winter months for you to truly enjoy a TCT experience ~ the best place for my tents from mid October until the beginning of March is in ‘storage’ having a well earned rest.

I have so many thank you’s once again to all those who have helped and supported TCT.

Starting with all my lovimageely customers, you have all been fantastic and made this year just fab! It has been a pleasure creating a TCT just for you. This year we have been part of 100+ celebrations and had so many different themed tents ~ Frozen (X Million!), SuperHeroes, Vintage Rose, Dr Who, Floral Fiesta, Blue & Red, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Star Wars to name but a few!

It has been especially lovely to return to previous customers to see the children, another year older and meeting new additions to the family ~ Thank You x

Thank you to all the companies who have supported TCT this year ~ Rob and team from Wirral Gourmet for all the gorgeous party food, Mel from Balloons by Mel for the fab balloons (obviously!), Julie and team from Butterflies for all of your gorgeous balloons, Donna from ChesterLakes for hosting parties in TCT, Effie Moss of Just for Tiny People for her general support, Katie from Squidges for the party favours, Cookies & Milk parties, Jules & Tim from CakeChester for their cakes, Paul from Lounds & Co for being my accountant, Frances from McLegal for all his legal advice and Wendy at RockMyBiz for creating my new website and continued support.

Hugs and kisses to all my gorgeous friends, family and husband for all their support, emergency babysitting, lending me their kids to ‘help me’ and for just being there at the drop of a hat!!! xxx

A huge THANK YOU to my ‘stand~in’ helpers ~ Millie, Hannah, Adam & Aaron, you have all been brilliant, thank you xxx

…but the BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to the delicious Miss Ellie! You have been amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you!  Enjoy the rest!  Staff outing very soon young lady!  XxXxX

Boom ~ another great season…!

Katie xxx

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Balloons by Mel ~ no longer trading

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Cupcakes, Cake~Pops and now Cookie~Pops!

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cp1So, we have had the cupcake rage…then the Cake~Pop storm…and now we have Cookie~Pops…delicious and that bit different!

We all love a sweet treat and a celebration is the perfect opportunity to indulge that sweet tooth…

Cookie~Pops are the brain child of Squidges, based on the Wirral.  Some lovely flavours to choose from…but the most popular being a mixture of milk and white chocolate.

They make a great dessert at a party and look just fab on a dessert table along with individual cookies in big glass jars and moreish tiffin.

How about a party favour?  Why not bin the traditional party bags in favour of a Cookie~Pop wrapped individually in cellophane bags and tied with a coordinating ribbon…these definitely wont end up in the foot well of the car on the way home!!!

Images courtesy of ~ Squidges


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A summer time party for a brother & sister!

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bgA regular client booked The Celebration Tent for her children’s 1st and 2nd birthday party.  A tent for each of them ~ fab!  A pretty pink tent for the little girl and a Thomas the Tank Engine for the little boy ~ perfect!

The week before had been dreadful, wet, cold and generally miserable and that was July!  The day it self was glorious, my clients garden was full of little children playing and having fun and the older children being entertained by The Creation Station in the tents.  In the background a crooner was singing and inviting the children to join in!

BG2Again, because the children were little mum opted for the picnic boxes, the food was supplied by Wirral Gourmet , who also supplied delicious food for the adults too!  Lunch time arrived and the children went in to their chosen tent ~ pretty pink or Thomas the Tank and enjoyed their party tea!


Another great party! x

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Oh no it’s the Gruffalo!

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imageA little boy who loves the Gruffalo ~ who doesn’t?!

We created a gorgeous Gruffalo themed party tent for the little mans 2nd birthday party.

Again, because the children were so young mum opted for the picnic boxes (food supplied by Wirral Gourmet) instead of the more traditional tea party set up making lunch time so much easier.  All the food had been prepared before the party and placed into the individual boxes and then popped into the tent.

The tent looked all the better for the pale blue and orange balloons tied to each lunch box alternately…and the addition of the huge foil number 2 just finished the tent off perfectly!

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A ‘camouflage’ tea party for a young lady!

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imageSo, a young lady wants a camouflage themed tea party?!

I thought it would have been easy to find pink camouflage party ware but no!  So thinking hat on…and this was the result!

The party was held at Chester Lakes and the food was supplied by Wirral Gourmet, but this time in brown paper bags to keep with the outdoor theme.


The kids haimaged a fab afternoon running about all the open space and playing on the park, and then being refueled with their gorgeous party food.

Mum created the little sweet jars as favours instead of the usual party bags which again added to the girly touches!

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