A SQUIDGES Cookies & Milk add~on

Why not make your Celebration Tent a SQUIDGE-alicious one ~ by adding SQUIDGES Cookies & Milk?

They have a range of gorgeousness to choose from to make your event a delicious one…!



With a wide range of fresh Cookie Flavours to choose from:

  • White Chocolate Chunky Chip
  • Milk Chocolate Chunky Chip
  • Milk Chocolate, Banana & Oat
  • Chunky Chip
  • Oat, Honey & Raisin
  • Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate & Peanut butter
  • White Chocolate & Sweet Cherry
  • Milk Chocolate, Fruit & Nut
  • Dark Chocolate & Coconut
  • Luxury Chocolate Chunk (White, Milk & Dark Chocolate)
  • Intense Chocolate (Milk & Dark Chocolate mixed with Cocoa)
  • Cookie pops, tiffin

Milk Flavours:

  • Plain
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate

They will also provide you with mini milk bottles, stripy straws, cookie jars, plates & paper bags making it a gorgeous experience.

A delicious and beautiful add on to make your event even more fabulous!…and can be tailored for each the customer.


SQUIDGES Party Favours

Looking for party favours? Fed up of the boring party bag or not knowing what to put in it? Squidges have a range of unique and personalised party favours.

SQUIDGES ‘Make & Bakes’

Currently available in milk chocolate chip and white chocolate chip. Their ‘make & bakes’ include a stripy straw, a 150ml milk bottle & the ingredients and instructions on how to make your own fresh squidge-alicious cookies (just add butter & egg).




Price: £3.75 each (labels available in blue, yellow and pink)




SQUIDGES ‘Cookies on the go’
Two freshly baked cookies in a cellophane bag with a ‘Thank you’ card topper. Pop over to their website for all the flavours.

Our most popular children’s flavours: milk chocolate chunky chip, white chocolate chunky chip & oat, honey & raisin.

All cookies are baked with the finest ingredients with no added preservatives.

Price: £2.20 each (labels available in blue, yellow & pink)

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